The beginnings of a writer

Back when typewriters existed, writing was my voice. I struggled to confide in others, therefore turning to the un-judgemental pages of my diary to help me comprehend life and events that shaped me as a person. I was a ‘yes’ person, agreeing with others opinions, even if I didn’t. I was terrified at the thought of speaking my mind out loud and never would I speak up if I didn’t understand, in fear of being labelled stupid.   

Coming into teen years, navigating relationships, I sort guidance from romance novels, drawing me into the realms of fantasy and daydreaming.

I ‘attempted’ writing romance novels.  Only I never got very far. A 13-year-old girl could not even imagine the erotic loves scenes played out on its pages.

As life got more confusing, poetry became my vice for the explosive emotions inside me. 

Drama became another avenue to express myself; because acting someone else, was easier than being me.  I was dead-set on going to Hollywood and being a big movie star. 

For the next 10 years, I dabbled in this and that and partied more than I like to admit. I kissed a few toads until I found my prince charming.  Travel, marriage, 2 kids, a dog and grey picket fence all came tumbling after. Although the most magical and significant events in my life, they certainly didn’t come without struggles and a roller coaster of emotions.  Writing and drama became something of a distant past, leaving me feeling alone and unable to communicate, in a time when communication is the key to survival.

Returning from maternity leave to a lifetime of jobs I hated brought anxiety and depression. Eventually, I resigned from the workforce and ventured towards a career as a writer. So here I am.  Studying writing and loving it.  I wouldn’t say it miraculously turned my life around, yet, but it’s a step in the right direction and I am, for the first time, excited for what the future holds.  A happier me, following my dreams and living the life I have always wanted, are now all within my reach and I am so ready for them. 

Are you struggling to work through something in your life?  Why not try writing it down. I challenge you. Write honestly and discover if this brings you clarity. I would love to hear how you go, so please leave me a comment or send me an email.

Happy writing!


P.S. Please share in this journey with me by clicking ‘follow’. I hope to return lots of laughs and inspiration.


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