Hi, I’m Martina or as some like to call me, Marti, mummy, wifey, gipsy, off-with-the-fairies.  I am all of those things, plus more.  I am a Mum (but not always a good one) to two high-energy and wildly creative boys, Wifey to my ‘want-to-be’ 1950’s husband, friend to all and I’m known around the town for helping others more than I help myself.

What I don’t say out loud is a blog about writing the things I struggle to say. Exploring my innermost thoughts on topics such as family and love, fitness and food, careers and goals, mental health and finding the elusive balance between all of these things.  It may be confronting and a little bit awkward, but I hope to deliver empathy and enrich your day with laughter and inspiration.

The force behind starting this blog is the Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing course I am currently studying. However, my motivation to blog about my life and the things that are real and important to me is to invoke my inner-writer again, practice the craft and make some beautiful friendships along the way.

If you lack the confidence to speak honestly about how you feel or struggle to speak out and be heard, then know that you are not alone.  Writing is a fantastic way to unscramble your thoughts, convert them to words and confidently articulate What YOU don’t say out loud.

Come with me as I divulge my life, the funny, serious, happy, sad and everything I learn in-between. If my words resonate with you, please click follow and share with your friends, so together we can work out the funk in our heads and make peace with our hearts.  I welcome your comments, feedback and any opportunity to develop my writing further.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog – happy reading!

Yours truly,



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow! Well done Marty. Really impressed with what you are doing. Isn’t it funny but I don’t actually like writing much but can see the benefits in writing down ones thoughts and I have done it on occasions. If someone had shown me the photo above and told me I knew that person I would have struggled to know it was you. You look very different. Anyway good luck with it and I will endeavour to provide feedback if possible when time allows. Xxx


    1. Hi Robyn, thank you so much. That is funny that you don’t like writing so much, as a teacher, you would be a good writer and do a lot of it. Maybe that’s why you don’t like it? I took the photo myself but I think I look a bit different too. I might get my sister-in-law to take a better photo of me, as she is a professional photographer. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog and posting a comment. Your support and feedback means a lot, but only when you get the chance 🙂 xx


  2. Hi Marty, Your Dad and I look forward to following your writings, thoughts, opinions and outlook on the many varied subjects life has on offer to us all. You are a beautiful, warm, caring, intuitive daughter, Mother and friend with a big heart for everyone and everything! We all have so much ‘stuff’ buzzing around in our heads, juggling busy lives that I’m sure your insights will be thought provoking and fun. Big hugs Dad and Sharon xxxx

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  3. Hi Marti – thanks for the follow. I started my blog because of the Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing course too. How are you going in the course? I really enjoyed it (most of it – it got a bit repetitive in places, but overall VERY worthwhile).
    Good luck with the course AND this blog! I look forward to reading more.

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    1. Hi Kellie – thank you for your follow too. I have one week left of the course & then I’m done – hooray! I’ve loved it but it’s been a race to the finish line, hence why my blog hasn’t had much attention of late. I’m looking forward to finishing this chapter & starting the next chapter of my life, & getting back into my blog. Your blog looks very interesting & informative. I look forward to reading it too 😊


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