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M.I.A. in the social world

So….it’s been a while, I know. Lot's happened since my last post, and I wish I could say it was all for the better, but unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. Nothing too dramatic, thankfully. Things could be a lot worst. I keep myself in check by reminding myself about the are millions of people out there facing many worst turmoils than I am. To even compare them is an understated injustice.


How do you help the world, when you are only one person?

Not a day goes past that I don’t hear about someone facing a major challenge in their life. That they are unhappy, feeling overwhelmed or burdened by financial stress. People are facing relationship breakdowns or suffering from illness. Believing they are bad parents or are not where they imagined they would be, at this time in their lives.

‘Welcome home dear’ to 1950

It is often joked about amongst our family, that due to my husband (Mr D) working and me not, as I'm studying and taking care of our little family, that we have stepped into a time warp and are something out of the 1950s. An era where the fashion was elegant, the music was joyous and the man worked while the woman looked after the family. Which we both kind of like and play on sometimes.

The beginnings of a writer

Back when typewriters existed, writing was my voice. I struggled to confide in others, turning to the un-judgemental pages of my diary to help me comprehend life and events that shaped me as a person. Lacking confidence, the thought of speaking my mind out loud terrified me. I was a ‘yes’ person, agreeing with others opinions, even if I didn’t. Never speaking up if I didn’t understand, in fear of being labelled stupid.