Welcome to my portfolio of works I have created since commencing a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing.  I began early 2016, as a true amateur. Please take a look and see what I have learnt so far and how my writing has progressed. I would love your feedback, so please post a comment. Alternatively, if you think I have what it takes to write something for you, please send me an email via my ‘contact me’ page.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments.



Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing

2017-10_SHORT STORY_If you hold my hand_FINAL

2017-10_SHORT STORY_If you hold my hand_REVISED

2017-10_SHORT STORY_If you hold my hand_DRAFT

2017-10_FLASH FICTION_Discovering a new form

2017-10 NEWS STORY_Don_t forget small businesses this World Mental Health Day

2017-09_SHORT STORY_Love at any cost

2017-09 PROFILE_Halie Loch

2017-08 CHARACTERISATION_Felicity Mayweather

2017-08_FEATURE ARTICLE_Sally Jane Douglas

2017-05 MEDIA RELEASE_Include Me app

2017-04 BLOG POST_BetterYogaLife

2016-09 PROPOSAL_Eduction and Training

2016-06 FEATURE ARTICLE_MensHealth

2016-06 FEATURE ARTICLE_50Something

2016-05 WEBSITE CONTENT_Green Ponds Upgrade


2016-05 MEDIA RELEASE_Green Ponds Upgrade

2016-04 RESEARCH REPORT_Green Ponds Upgrade


2 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hi Martina,
    Your short story, If you hold my hand, is beautiful. I love the description – it really takes me to your setting. I also love your character, Alice. She is immediately likeable and you just want her to be happy. I see this as being an excerpt from a much longer story … I think there is more to tell and I want to get to know Alice better. Sam holding Alice’s hand and kissing her came a bit out of the blue though – because I got the impression that although she had watched him a lot, he didn’t know she was there. Without that background, it felt a little creepy – even though, from his character description and what he yells, you know he’s a decent person.
    I was a little confused about Alice’s age … and the age of the kids outside. But, as you read on it makes more sense. (Though I don’t know younger kids would throw a rock that said ‘bitch’??)
    If you have time before submitting … you spelled ‘breaks’ wrong … brakes – 2nd paragraph.
    All over though – a really lovely, sad – yet ultimately heartwarming story, with really beautiful description and a lovely sense of flow.
    Good luck with it.
    PS. I really don’t think you need to explicitly say she has Agoraphobia … I knew this before you mentioned it, through your description.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kellie. I really appreciate you taking the time (at short notice) to read my story and provide your feedback.
      I completely agree with everything you mention – their ages, the behaviours of the kids outside, taking Agoraphobia out (I literally just did this before you commented!)
      I see what you mean about Sam’s actions being a bit creepy. As I was developing the plan for the story, there was so much more to the story that I wanted to add, hence – turning into a novel also, so I think I tried to condense the journey of their relationship but I think I will pin this back a bit for the short story.
      I really value all your feedback and I will be incorporating all of it.
      Thank you again 🙂


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