M.I.A. in the social world

So….it’s been a while, I know. Lot's happened since my last post, and I wish I could say it was all for the better, but unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. Nothing too dramatic, thankfully. Things could be a lot worst. I keep myself in check by reminding myself about the millions of people out there facing many worst turmoils than I am. To even compare them is an understated injustice.


The beginnings of a writer

Back when typewriters existed, writing was my voice. I struggled to confide in others, turning to the un-judgemental pages of my diary to help me comprehend life and events that shaped me as a person. Lacking confidence, the thought of speaking my mind out loud terrified me. I was a ‘yes’ person, agreeing with others opinions, even if I didn’t. Never speaking up if I didn’t understand, in fear of being labelled stupid.